Turn The Lights Off the Hymn of a Stranded Lullaby - A Bedtime story by Matthew Altruda

(There are 38 Tally Hall / Tally Side Project songs in this story can you find them? 38 unique songs - excluding repeats) 

You & me most likely aren’t afraid of the sacred beast when we turn the lights off.
But sadly, we can’t say the same for the people in tiny town in Michigan called Hickory Grove.

Hickory Grove has always just wanted peace but as long as the sacred beast is alive,
they will never rest in one piece.

However, one boy named Ross learned this tale and wanted to test the fate of the stars
and learn what he was never meant to know.

The story begins on the night the misery fell on Ross in his tiny town of Hickory Grove

When hidden in the sand the sacred beast rose
out of the twilight like a ghost rising from its labyrinth with the mission to be the ruler of everything

Ross had always heard the tales of the scared beast but didn’t believe it could be true until one good day turned into a bad dream because his doubts had fueled the glow.

That evening, Ross was lying in bed thinking about his favorite superhero Banana Man and how he was upset that Christian Bale had replaced Shia LaBeouf as Banana Man in the new movie attack of the Mucka Bluckas when he heard a scream from what he thought was a lady outside.

Ross’s first thoughts were could it be the Mucka Bluckas? Or maybe murders or a cannibal.
His mind was electric with thoughts of dread, but his curiosity made him rise from his bed to peak through the window blinds and uncover this unknown dread.

Cautiously he walked slowly towards the window in slow motion and peaked though the blinds.
All he could see was a glowing white ball of light distant in the woods behind his house.

Ross starred at the white ball illumination with its magnificent beauty unknowing that it mind controlled him to follow the light.

Is this a dream?
Ross asked himself while looking out the window... should I just go back to bed he thought
But the urge to follow the light from the white ball was too strong and Ross’s desire was too great, so he decided to go outside to uncover the mysterious glow.

The trap was set

Ross started walking feeling the fate of the stars as he shivered walking by the scarecrow into the dark eerie woods. The white ball illumination grew stronger as he got closer, and he wasn’t too sure if he was getting closer as he walked deeper and deeper into the eerie woods.

All of a sudden,
the white ball disappeared, and Ross found himself alone, afraid in the dark eerie woods.
The woods started slowly spinning around him like he had just walked into a time machine. Faster and faster the woods started spinning until Ross had found himself in the place where he was never meant to know.

I found myself on an Isle to thyself Ross thought as he looked up at the sky with black rainbows and palm trees coming out of the sand beach with lemons and pears

growing from them. As he looked in the distance and noticed the isle started to turn greener as it grew into vast ocean. He could see a tiny white rabbit as it feed on the lush overgrowth.

He yelled out HEY YOU!
I’m lost, confused can you help me?
The rabbit lifted its head from feeding and replied “we are in space” as it ran out of sight.

As Ross stood there discombobulated in this strange world but he felt a sense of peace as he looked up into the stars.

Did that white ball bring me here he thought?
Is this a dream or a nightmare?
Did that rabbit just tell me bees are mistakes?
And how did that rabbit know I got stung last week. Was this the sacred beast’s layer?

Ross knew he was taken for a ride in the woods but why was he on this tropical island with black rainbows and a talking rabbit that hates bees.

All of a sudden, he heard the sound of a deep voice all around him. Not only could Ross hear the voice
but he could also feel it throughout his body.

The voice sounded like it was reciting a haiku
about being alone, misunderstood and how misery fell on his life many moons ago.

Ross yelled out again
HEY YOU! Can you help me!!

The voice grew stronger and deeper
stronger and deeper
until Ross found himself looking into the eyes of the legendary sacred beast.

Ross couldn’t believe the size of the sacred beast and it hunched over him. With its long hair, horns and beastly smell.

Ross was motionless & speechless as he looked into the sacred beasts eyes but found the courage to say..
“You & Me are going to be friends”

The sacred beast froze as almost locked in ice because no one had ever wanted to be his friend and all he had every wanted was just apathy and love.

As they looked at each other the isle started spinning around them like the time machine had been started again.

The sacred beast looked at Ross and said with his deep all-encompassing voice

“Who you are is just a friend that I have always needed to break the curse of the services of the king. The almighty in control of everything has had his curse broken by true friendship.”

The sacred beast rose off the ground and starting spinning into a white ball of magnificent light and it fell into Ross’s arms the light was spinning so fast Ross could feel it and then it went out and Ross was holding the white rabbit.

In a flash of lightning like the spring and the storm Ross found himself back in bed all tucked in and warm.

He sprung up his covers and ran to his window throwing it open and yelled to the woods “Was that a dream??” The woods did not reply.
As Ross looked out his window hoping for any sign, he noticed a beautiful white rabbit in his backyard.

He yelled down to the rabbit

“Was that a dream?”
The rabbit slowly raised his head and looked at Ross for what he felt was an eternity and replied,
and ran off into the woods free of the king’s curse.

The End